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Genetic Defects In Non Orange Cats
White Paper

It has long been suspected that orange cats had something special that set them apart from cats of other creeds. Today, in the modernized world of the 90s we have learned that this is a result of DNA. DNA, the tiny components that determines most everything about you before you are even born, works in many the same ways for cats as it does for people.

Analysis of DNA taken from orange cats and one gray cat and one white cat show many contrasts. Although there are similarities for instance, the strains that say "2 ears...triangle shaped" are intact there are minor differences. For instance, further research has shown that black cats are 7 times more likely to catch a cold and that calico cats often have difficulty seeing the difference between blue and mauve.

Interestingly enough, the one color of cat that appears to be immune to such flaws is the orange cat. All evidence currently known has revealed that orange cats tend to be more immune to illness, have sharper senses, and are smarter.

The only theory so far that is considered to have any merit by the cat field scientists is one that show that cats all initially came from different areas of the world and as such had different uses for different senses, similar to the natural selection theories. But the cat accounts for the different colors of cats today produced from a fixed color by suggesting that at one point all the cats got together in a giant love fest and screwed up all their genetics. During that process many of the color codes picked up different traits that would lead them to disadvantage in today's world...but the orange was immune to this piggybacking of other qualities and remains pure and uncontaminated by the likes of nature's crafty villains.

So next time you need to pick a cat, don't just trust your instincts - trust science!